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Aint I Cute!

So, we were all just hanging out on the couch the other day, enjoying being together.  Jacob and Tristan were playing together and being cute when Tristan reached up to Jacob’s face with both hands and with a little bit of effort says “Jay-Coob”!  I kid you not! It was as clear as can be. He was definitely concentrating on saying the word. Not baby sounds, not sounds that we had heard come out of his mouth before either, but he undeniably said his brother’s name. It has been really fun watching the boys growing together and the strong bond that they have developed.


Jacob and Jared and Just us and Tristan01 Oct 2008 06:08 pm

So what do the boys do when mom goes overtown to hang with her girlfriends?…… Its time to build a SuperFort!


Super Fort

2 cuties and some guy.


Jacob15 Sep 2008 09:35 pm

So our little champ went “Back to School” today! It was the first day back for Jacob to pre-school after the summer break, and he couldn’t be more excited! Every night for the past month when Jacob was tucked into bed, he would ask: “Do I get to go to school tomorrow?” And no matter how many times we showed him the calendar, he would ask again the next night. Well, the waiting time is over and all decked out in his handsome new duds (and his favorite old ‘crocs’) Jacob is off to school again.

Lookin\' Sharp

Lookin\' Sharp

Jacob goes to two Pre-schools right now. Part of the week he spends at “P.L.A.Y.” which is a half-day co-op preschool up in Avalon Canyon and the other days of the week he still goes to Kid-Ventures. Both schools are great and have excellent staff, good facilites, and lots of friends to play with. PLAY has a more structured curriculum though and parent involvement is a big part of the school. Sue is on the board of directors this year as Vice-President. Jared lucked-out and just gets to be a “Supportive Dad!”

P.L.A.Y. \

Busy at school

Jacob13 Sep 2008 10:35 pm

How fun is this??

OUCH! Jacob woke up one morning the week before last with a humongous outbreak of hives all over his ENTIRE body! What could have caused it? Nobody knows. Perhaps it was the dead sea lion skull he was playing with the previous day! Aint it fun to have boys!?! (Look at this… A smelly rotting sea creature… Maybe I should pick it up!) ;-)

Needless to say, Mom and Dad freaked out a bit as we had never seen anything like it before (The pic above is very mild compared to what his back looked like.) A quick trip to the clinic and we were told that it seemed rather benign and we were sent home with a prescription for some benadryl and anti-histamines. After a few days the hives calmed and went away with a couple of tiny flare-ups. It was really bizarre to watch the patches of rash shift around and come and go. Now, 98% of the rash is gone and life is pretty much back to normal. The worst part for Jacob was that he had to miss a play date with his best friend Cory that night.

Jacob and Jared and Just us and Tristan10 Jul 2008 11:16 pm

So, Jared and Jacob’s hair is getting a little bit long and Tristan already has a stylin’ doo… The natural solution of course is to trim Dad & Jacob to match the little guy! Bring out the kitchen chair and a set of hair clippers and we can get down to business. Dad trims Jacob’s head, Jacob trims Dad’s head (with mom’s help), and Tristan just sits there and looks cute!

Jacob, getting a trim.

Like Son, like son, like father.

Jacob, lookin good

Tristan lookin equally good!

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